Managed Security (SOC)

Patch Management:

In a formalised and structured process, we constantly verify and confirm the current status of your operating systems, server and desktop applications – and more. We also pre-test complex updates for key production systems to avoid any unforeseen business consequences, ensuring that back-ups are in place to provide service security at all times.

for Linux, Unix, Microsoft and other third-party application environments, our structured change management procedures include roll-back plans, system the field of data centre operations, our proven industry-leading patch management capabilities enable you to reduce risk and vulnerabilities – and minimise downtime.

Antivirus Management:

We at MSP Square follow the best practices when it comes to managing your security. Our team can work with any antivirus solutions you have deployed for your customers. Our tech experts take care of installing, updating the software on various devices. They will also ensure that scanners are up-to-date and scans are scheduled for a convenient time.

Identity and Access Management:

Identity and access management tools are integral to maintaining data security in the enterprise. Our trained SOC engineers can help you build and maintain your IAM practices and keep your customers secure from any threat 24x7.

Threat Protection:

Each year, malicious software sits unquestioned inside our systems and translates into billions of dollars in damage worldwide. To prevent such issues, many organizations opt for a tedious and time-consuming alternative: Threat prevention services. They allow security professionals to analyze data and allocate resources while remaining on the ground floor, literally — threat prevention services can be run from any location with an internet connection, regardless of budget.

Threat prevention services generate profiles of vulnerabilities in the software that is found on your network. Each vulnerability comes with a set of instructions for its resolution, including links to the appropriate patch. The service offers several options for implementation.

Our team takes care of the threat looming over vulnerable software and system and helps to maintain integral data and security within the enterprise. Our pre-testing abilities keep in check with any malfunctions in the system at any cost to keep it safe and protected.

Information Protection:

Information protection is the process of protecting information, for instance, personal data, from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. An important part of information protection is how information is collected and processed.

There are laws that govern the collection, processing and release of sensitive personal data, to protect privacy rights. If you are using confidential business data in your organisation it's important to also be sure that this information has been properly protected. One way to ensure this can be achieved is by ensuring your employees have appropriate security awareness training. This includes putting security processes and information protection measures in place, as well as security testing.

MSP Square takes care of information and protects them with properly protected services with threats surrounding them all time. Our team is always working at their disposal and diligently understanding what is needed to be done to protect the information clearly.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

As an MSP you know that cyber security is no longer a consideration. Every organisation, whether it be large or small, is open to an attack. So, whether you have a security offering or not, you as an MSP are going to be dealing with cybersecurity issues. At some point, your client will be the victim of an attack and you will be dealing with those issues at what could be a cost to you.



Our team of highly trained SOC analysts hold the following security recognised qualifications: CEH, CHFI, SSCP, CISSP and OSCP – just to name a few.


Inbay have the skills to help you identify threats, perform forensics analysis, apply threat intelligence and detect high-priority incidents that require immediate response.


Recruiting cybersecurity experts is a real challenge and can take some time. Maintaining the security qualifications of these experts requires time and a significant budget. At Inbay’s SOC service eliminates these challenges.


Implementing an internal SOC involves a significant investment. Our SOC service allows you to extend your product offering whilst allowing your internal resources to focus on winning new business and developing client relationships.