If you want an administrator who can work for you, fix the problems and yet you don’t want to employ him; MSP Square Virtual Administrator is the solution for you. MSP Square virtual administrator services help you expand your service offerings to TRUE 24x7 support, without having to employ additional resources onsite.

The virtual administrator will follow all the process that you are currently following, it is an extension of your existing team and you have full control on the admin and the interaction with the end customers

Some of the major benefits are
   Trained, Experienced and Certified Resource
   Dont have to pay any employment benefits
   Easy to recruit & Go Live
   Guaranteed Savings with Offshore Salary
   Expand your Service Coverage
   Expand your Services Portfolio

U&D Square Initiative

U&D Square

Why MSP Square

World class infrastructure, Certifications

In MSP SQUARE you will find the effective, dependable and flexible partner who can help you optimized returns on IT investment. MSP Square NOC services provide benefits like

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