Helpdesk is often the first point of contact for your customers; it is one of the important parts of the entire IT support. As an MSP you seek guaranteed service levels for your help desk service and technical support needs; MSP Square Helpdesk will deliver that and more. Outsourcing the helpdesk services to us will free you / your staff to focus on core competencies.

We provide 24x7 Helpdesk support to the MSPs across the world, this acts a your first line of support, the helpdesk will pursue the issue and follow up with the technical team and update the customer until the problem us resolved.

The features of the our 24x7 Helpdesk are
1.   Provide quality support to the customers
2.   Provide a pleasant, satisfying help desk experience
3.   Provide multiple channels like Phone, email, tickets for the customer to report the issues
4.   Take ownership of the issue and follow up with different teams as needed
5.   Help you regain the control
6.   Allow your employees to focus on their core activities.

Our team, processes and technology will help you increase the responsiveness towards your customers, identify hidden issues with the It infrastructure and enhance your relationship with the customer by providing quality services.

Some of the benefits of MSP Square’s 24x7 Helpdesk are
1.   Lower your operating costs
2.   Improve the quality of the support
3.   Provide 24x7 support / after hours support
4.   No investment in Infrastructure
5.   Effective Resource Management
6.   Flexible Service Plans

U&D Square Initiative

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Why MSP Square

World class infrastructure, Certifications

In MSP SQUARE you will find the effective, dependable and flexible partner who can help you optimized returns on IT investment. MSP Square NOC services provide benefits like

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