On Demand Support:
mspsquare introducing on demand support that could be an imperative part of your business continuity planning.  On demand support can be opted at times that are predictable as well as during the emergency. It’s simple, reliable and easy way to ensure that you, your customers, your employees and your business are safe and happy.

On Demand Support doesn’t bind you into a contract.
As an On Demand support client, you will receive the same high level of service that contracted client’s experience every day and you will be looked after by the same dedicated team of engineers. We can offer rapid response support when you need it or a brain to pick if those applications are baffling you. You will also have access to our best practices and subject matter experts (SME). Our team will help you without you being tied down to a contract.
Committing to on demand support does not mean you are committing to any contractual obligations. On Demand support is for the time when you know your own in-house support cannot be 100% available and you consume support hours / days that you have provisioned for such situation.

These situations could be:
Predictable Condition such as planned holidays, relocation, renovation, upgrades or updates, employee transition, one time contract fulfillment for which you don’t want to hire additional staff, large contract with short deadlines etc.
Unpredictable Conditions such as weather, gods act, infrastructure failure, staff shortage etc. 
It is Simple and it works!
We like to keep this support plan simple and our payment plan is simple too. Choose how many hours of IT support you wish to purchase in advance from our price plan, and we become you’re extended on demand support company. At the end of support you will get a detail report explaining how many days or hrs of support you have left that will give you an idea whether or not you want to provision for more.

Have a worry free Christmas and New Year with your family.
As an MSP that is there to provide support to customers it’s never easy to go on a holiday or let the whole staff go on leave at the same time. With On demand support you have an option to leave the support burden with us for some time so that your staff and you can enjoy festive season with your friends and family without warring about the business. One pre-define report explaining the status will be send to you after every shift ( 8 hrs ) or every day depending upon your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

  • How it works?
    • It’s pretty simple. You have an option to buy support hours or days and liberty to consume it on demand. We have a set process through which we gather the details about your setup i.e. tools used, processes, critical and non critical devices etc. On a predictable condition you contact us 3 days in advance and demand support for particular time frame, at this time we reconfirm the setup and changes since last communication. At this point you give us an access to the system and instructions if any. You also have an option to give only portion of critical devices to support that you believe must be monitored and managed. On a unpredictable condition you can contact us and we will take over your support control with-in 4 hrs of notice. Remaining process will be same as above.
  • How much does it cost?
    • Please contact us for the cost; you can pay us per hour or per day basis.
  • Can I pay at the time i need support?
    • No, since it requires lot of planning, preparation, documentation and training from our side it cannot be done immediately. Therefore you have to buy your support hrs / days in advance and you can use them with 3 days or 4 hrs notice depending on predictable or unpredictable conditions.
  • Is there any time limit?
    • No, once you purchase the support you can consume it anytime. The Support will not expire however after every 12 months you will have to renew the same and pay the difference of fees if any.
  • Is it customizable?
    • YIt is 100% customizable based on your needs and SLA with your customers
  • What are the payment options and terms?
    • Payment is refundable or transferable, payable in advance via Credit Card or Paypal.
  • What if I want to convert it into some other plan?
  • If you like to convert your support to some other plan that we offer any unused fund will be discounted.
  • How can I start?
    • Please send a mail on contact@mspsquare.com showing your interest, one of our representatives will contact you.

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