MSPSquare offers a model to setup a dedicated or shared NOC center without investing a single peeny on the infrastructure.

The model will allow you to offer wide range of services to your customer, expand the coverage to 24x7, effective SLA based delivery model, as the services are delivered under your own name you would be able to define price and the service package that meet the needs of their customer, you would be able to define your own margins unlike some other MSP who provide fixed rate packages and reseller margins.

Some of the major benefits are
•   Managed Services based on ITIL Framework
•   Most Cost Effective Solution
•   No investment in Infrastructure
•   Effective Resource Management
•   Flexible Service Plans
•   SLA based Delivery
•   DMAIC based Transparent Delivery Model
•   Information Security (ISO 27001 Certified)
•   Multiple RMM Support

Shared NOC Services
If you don’t want to pay high price for the Private Label NOC but still want to offer the same services and use the expertise and advantages of MSPSquare NOC, you can opt for shared NOC services. SharedNOC services offer same features that of Private Label NOC sans the brand name. Register today for the shred NOC services and offer the international level services to your customers.

U&D Square Initiative

U&D Square

Why MSP Square

World class infrastructure, Certifications

In MSP SQUARE you will find the effective, dependable and flexible partner who can help you optimized returns on IT investment. MSP Square NOC services provide benefits like

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