State of the Art Infrastructure
MSP Square strongly believes in keeping pace with technology and has made rich investments in its infrastructure. Our facility provides an ideal and exclusive environment to creative and skilled professionals engaged in technical support and development activities.

   10000 sq. ft. NOC with total seating capacity of 350 people
   66000 sq. ft. planned NOC & ODC with total capacity of 2500 people in single shift
   Group offices include 50,000 sq. ft. corporate office with currently 800+ employees
   IT Infrastructure developed and maintained as per ISO 27001 guidelines.
   3 dedicated Internet lines and 1 Backup line
   Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS and Generator)
   CCTV and Access control for physical security
   Web cameras for clients: watch your team work on PDA, Mobile, Laptop or PC
   Long distance / VoIP access to all level of support for urgent/critical notifications to the client or reboot
    requests to data center
   Interactive training rooms and simulation labs
   Redundancy provided at every point of failure
   Complete disaster recovery procedure in place
   99% uptime guaranteed from power and internet outage

U&D Square Initiative

U&D Square

Why MSP Square

World class infrastructure, Certifications

In MSP SQUARE you will find the effective, dependable and flexible partner who can help you optimized returns on IT investment. MSP Square NOC services provide benefits like

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